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Three creative ways to market your nail salon

As any small business owner knows, you can never sit back and expect business to come to you - and the same is true if you own a nail salon. Check out our top three ways to creatively market your nail salon, and make sure your customers keep coming back, time and time again.

Social media advertising

If you haven't yet jumped on the Facebook advertising bandwagon, do it! There's no cheaper, easier way to target exactly the audience that you want to. Adverts start from about £2 and you only need to spend about £20 to reach thousands and thousands of people - cheaper than getting leaflets printed and distributed!

You can also narrow down exactly the people you want to target - women with an interest in beauty and fashion would be perfect for a nail salon. 

Run a competition

Everyone loves a contest, so why not take advantage of that? For a low-effort option, run a competition on Facebook and ask customers to like, share and comment on your post to be in with the chance to win a free manicure.

If you fancy taking things up a notch, you could run a competition for children. Print off colouring sheets with hands and nails on them and ask little ones to decorate them for the opportunity to win a mummy-daughter manicure or similar prize. Drop them off at local schools and soft play centres - entrants will have to swing by the salon, and they might just make an appointment while they're at it!

Display a price list in your window

There's nothing like not being able to find out the price that will put off potential customers forever - and you're sure to catch the eye of a few passersby if it's on display. You could also advertise some kind of first-time-customer offer in the window to snag anyone who's not quite sure. 50% off their first treatment could pay off and make them a loyal customer for life! 

Of course, there's nothing that will keep customers coming back like quality products and services. Check out our range of Chroma Gel products including gel polish and no wipe top coat today.

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