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Tips for preventing chipped nail polish

It’s a regular scenario in nail salons across the country. You’ve painted your client’s nails very carefully with their favourite regular nail polish, waited for the polish to dry completely before they leave so that your handiwork won’t smudge, but you’re worried that your active client will chip the polish within a matter of hours. This can spell disaster if they’re off to a wedding or other important function and want to look their best.

Fortunately, you can prevent freshly applied regular nail polish from chipping and peeling by using gel polish as a top coat. Gel polish also has the added benefit of providing a beautiful, glossy top coat that will last right through until the next manicure.

Here’s what to do.

Start by shaping and preparing your client’s nails as required. Next apply one coat of your client’s chosen regular nail polish and allow it to dry completely. Follow this with another coat of polish and wait for this to dry too. 

It’s extremely important that both coats of polish are completely dry. If the polish is still tacky when the topcoat is applied, it can crease, slide or rumple. This happens because the polish is solvent based and needs contact with air in order to dry. It will not dry underneath a coat of gel as the air won’t be able to get to it.

Next, apply one or two coats of clear gel polish, taking time to cure each layer under your nail lamp. When the final layer has cured completely, cleanse the nails carefully to get rid of the final tacky layer. Et voila! Your client now has perfectly painted nails with a strong, glossy finish that will withstand all the usual knocks and bumps associated with an active lifestyle.

In summary

You can protect your client’s new regular polish manicure from chipping and peeling by applying a gel polish top coat as described above. This technique will keep your client’s nails looking great until their next attendance at your salon and they will be sure to recommend you to all their friends too!

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