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Tips for preventing split nails

Split nails are a common summer problem that may be experienced by your clients. This can cause problems with the application of gel or chrome nails. Here’s some advice that you can pass on to ensure that your client’s nails stay in great condition right through the hotter months.

Why nails split

Nails crack and split because they are dry. Overexposure to water can break down the keratin bond that holds the top layers of the nails together, leading to cracking.

Preventing splitting and cracking

To prevent splitting and cracking it’s important that your clients moisturise their nails. Encourage your clients to rub moisturiser or hand lotion into their nails morning and evening, and after washing their hands. Products containing protein, collagen, and keratin are best for rehydrating and strengthening, and those with added lanolin or petroleum jelly will also help moisture retention. A very effective mineral in strengthening fingernails is biotin. This is found in some vegetables, such as cauliflower and can also be taken in supplement form. Make sure that your clients always wear protective gloves when washing dishes or cleaning, as chemical cleaning products can be very drying to both nails and skin. If someone’s nails habitually split, it can be best to keep them cut shorter. Very badly splitting nails can always be covered up with a lovely set of gel nails - a good selling point to bear in mind!

Nail and cuticle health

Strong nails come from healthy cuticles. If you can see that your client is in the habit of biting or cutting their cuticles, you should dissuade them from doing so. Damaged cuticles can provide an entry point for bacteria, which may work its way under the nail bed, setting up an infection and potentially leading to the loss of the nail.

In conclusion

Split nails look ugly and can cause problems with the application of gel nails and with carrying out a successful manicure on a client’s natural nails. If you notice a potential problem with splitting or cracking, always advise the client on how to prevent the problem. Your client and your business will thank you for it!

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