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Top tips for applying gel polish

Gel polish is one of the most popular nail treatments out there, thanks to its beautiful style as well as its easy-to-apply process. Allowing the wearer to benefit from a long-lasting manicure with next to no damage to the natural nail, gel polish has never been such a good option for those who love getting their nails done. 

As a beauty therapist or nail technician, it’s important to understand the process of applying gel polish and to remember some top tips for an even better application! Whether you are an experienced beauty therapist or you’re just starting out in a professional salon, here are some great tips to keep in mind.

Treat the nails first

Before you even start with the gel polish, there is a whole process of preparing and treating the nails first. Make sure you remove all the current nail polish, then you’re able to file and shape the nails to the desired length. 

The cuticles are an important part of the application process too. Treat the cuticles so that all the nails are neat and tidy, ready for a fresh coat of gel polish.

Shake your gel polish

Before you use your gel polish, make sure you shake it. The UV polymers within the polish enable it to set underneath the lamp; if the bottle hasn’t been shaken, you may end up with gel polish that separates and loses its texture. You should also keep the lids on the gel polish in between coats to stop them from drying out.

Number of layers

You should always apply a base coat and set under the lamp. This should be followed by 2 layers of the chosen colour; sometimes 3 if it’s a particularly pale shade! Finish the nails with a top coat. This will ensure longevity and make sure the gel polish lasts.

Using finishing products

Gel polish application doesn’t just finish at the top coat. Make sure you use an isopropyl alcohol-based product with a cotton pad on the nails at the end. This will remove any leftover, sticky residue from the polish and maintain its shine. You should also use cuticle oil to hydrate the skin around the nails!

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