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Up, up and away: the best 3D designs

Nails can be as colourful and fantastic as you want these days: the sky is the limit on designs, colour combinations and finishes. And thanks to Chroma Gel, you can cure your client’s fabulous nail art under an LED light in just 60 seconds or under UV for 120 seconds.

So where does nail fashion go from here? Apparently, outwards!

Modern technology and the public’s thirst to stand out mean that 3D nail designs are growing in popularity.

Bling, or zany motifs, and a wide range of texture finishes can be added to nails, but it looks like 2017 will bring even “deeper” designs on nails, as decorations become even more elaborate.

Nail decorations to place on gel polish or other nail varnishes now include feathers, cartoon characters, lace, ribbons, flowers, tassels and charms, building fingertips outwards and upwards.

Hands up anyone who’s been asked to create a unicorn’s horn on a finger? Multi-coloured, raised glittery raised gel swirls are becoming more popular.

One of the latest developments in 3D nail effects is to embed gold wires into clear nail varnish, to sculpt the shape of the nails or create wire patterns.

There’s even a company developing a way in which a 3D printer can be used to create nail decorations that are unique and truly “outstanding”.

How about nail bubbles - do you think adding blobs of acrylic to create these will take off? In some cases, people take this 3D craze to extremes. One beauty vlogger decided to go for the ultimate 3D nail effect – and spent 12 hours adding 116 layers of varnish in different colours and effects to her nails. Her multi-layered “polish mountain” attracted 8m views on YouTube. Clearly, having more than 3 coats of nail varnish is unnecessary with so many decorations to choose from - and indeed can be damaging.

The drive to find new things to add to gel and chrome nails to make them original and textured may also have taken a turn for the worse with the introduction of ground cannabis flowers into nail design. It makes you wonder what else people will start adding to 3D nail structures!

With nails becoming ever more elaborate – and manicures becoming far more technically demanding – it’s important to have products you can rely on. Fortunately, Chroma Gel’s no wipe top coat can protect that work of art for up to two weeks, leaving you with very happy, spectacularly polished customers.

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