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Valentine's Day nail ideas 2020

In under a month, Valentine's Day will be upon us and it's all about celebrating the love you share with your partner, family and friends. So what better way to glam yourself up than with gel nails that will leave everyone awestruck? Here are a few Valentine's Day nail ideas that will make you feel glamorous while showcasing the love you feel.

Designs which feature pink

It can be said that pink is one of the prettiest shades for women and Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to wear pink nails without appearing to be too stereotypical or garish. You can try out various gel designs and patterns that will make you look cute but at the same time gorgeous. For a shimmering effect, add glitter to any shade of pink or if you want to be a bit more glam, add rhinestones.

Stones, hearts and stickers

If you're going to a special occasion with your loved one, there's no way your nails will look dull if you're wearing gel nail polish. The most common Valentine's Day art is hearts since it's connected to love, so why not request to have hearts drawn on with gel polish or have stickers put on, with designs such as kisses and the word 'love'. If you want to kick it up another notch, then pearls or stones is the way to go.

Red and silver

Red and silver gel nails will make you look alluring at a Valentine's Day party or when having a romantic meal out. You can wear other shades like gold to exemplify your style and if you're stuck with which shade of red to have, why not have a monochromatic look with burgundy and rose?

Simple yet sophisticated

If you're working on Valentine's Day and haven't done your nails, then adding a base layer and drawing a simple heart on your ring finger will be your saviour.

Chroma Gel has a wide variety of colours, tools and powders to help create your ideal Valentine's Day look. Visit their website or contact them today for more design tips and product information.

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