What is chrome nail art powder ?

What is chrome nail art powder ?

Chrome nails, also known as Mirror nails, are capturing the attention of nail and beauty gurus all over the world creating a number of stunning shiny nail art designs.

The designs are eye catching and vibrant leaving a flawless mirror shine on your nails.

 The fascinating thing about is it is a powder that creates the effect - normally your searching for a polish that has a chrome finish but nothing compares to the powder finish.

 Chroma Nail Art Design

The art can be so intricate with swirls or patterns. It can also be a multi colour chrome finish or a one colour chrome effect.

Cold Chrome Nail Art

With just your imagination and a few colours skys the limit. The powders can also be blended together on the nail to give a rainbow effect so make sure you experiment to discover new exciting finishes.

Chrome Nail Art

To get the most out of this effect you need a No Wipe Top Coat to finish, this way you wont make a mees of your design by wiping off any residue.

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