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Why chrome nails are a must for summer holidays/festivals this year

The summer season is a time for glamour, and the chrome nail trend looks set to be one of the hottest looks of the summer. Chrome nails take the wet look of a gel polish to a whole new level, offering that coveted mirror-like shine that will be sure to draw attention. The best thing about chrome nails is that they last, so for your customers who plan to rock it up at a summer festival or party away in Ibiza, you can guarantee these hot new nails will go the distance.

Chrome nails are a hit with celebrities

The chrome trend has been making a splash at red carpets all over the world - including top style icons Rihanna, Rita Ora, Gigi Hadid, Béyonce and Selena Gomez. The chrome trend is fashionable and bold, without being over the top - making it a great choice for clients attending weddings as well as other summer adventures.

Metallics are everywhere

Everyone loves metallics. From metallic footwear and clothing to our makeup - metallic is the trend which isn't going anywhere. Rose gold nails in particular are often requested at nail salons, and is the look of the moment which clients will be sure to snap up.

They go with everything

With chrome nails, we're no longer reliant on jewellery to add some shine to our looks. The sleek, metallic finish of chrome nails goes with anything, so your clients can get packing for their holiday, without needing to worry about accessorising their wardrobe to their nails.

They last

If you already offer gel polish treatments, you'll know that it's a look that lasts. Chroma gel polish is a 1-step system, making it easy to get durable, long-lasting nails in no time at all. Rather than worrying about taking nail polish remover and a handful of colours away with them (a nightmare for airport security), your clients can pack light knowing their nails are sorted (leaving more room for shoes!).

Find out more about Chroma Gel and our selection of chrome mirror effect nail products to ensure the latest looks are on your treatment list.

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