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Why everyone should have a gel polish pedicure

Gel polish is now more popular than ever before and the good news is that it can also be used on your toenails. Below we share why everyone needs to have a gel polish pedicure.

Gel polish dries quickly One of the huge benefits of using Chroma gel polish is the quick drying time. Unlike traditional polish that can take up to three hours to completely set, once gel polish is cured via a UV light, it is instantly hard. This means no smudging or having to waft your feet around for the polish to dry. It also means that you can pop your socks and shoes on straightaway.

Lasts longer than normal polish Gel pedicures last a long time. Normal nail polish when applied to the toenails will only last around two weeks, and that is if you are incredibly careful and apply a regular top coat to protect the nails. A gel pedicure can last anywhere up to six weeks, with no need to apply a top coat.

Glossy toenails Gel pedicures produce a shiny and glossy finish that is perfect for days on the beach, or simply showing off your toes in summer sandals. Chroma gel polish is glossy and you can choose from a range of colours and additional finishes. When gel polish is applied to your toenails they will always look vibrant and freshly painted.

The natural looking option Chroma gel polish can help you create that natural look when you opt for a French pedicure. Toenails will appear healthy, elegant, and ultra glossy. They will also appear to be much stronger, and as gel polish does not chip, your toenails will look perfect, no matter what the occasion.

Added protection When you opt for a gel polish pedicure, you are also helping to protect your toenails. Chroma gel polish creates a hard protective shell that helps to strengthen your toenails from everyday knocks and wear and tear. Gel pedicures really are beneficial and allow you to have fabulous looking, healthy toenails. Please do browse our Chroma gel polish range to find the perfect gel polish for your pedicure.

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