1 Step Gel Polish Jelly Bean No.4

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The 1 Step Gel Polish Jelly Bean No.4 is a bold Fluorescent Neon Green/Yellow colour that will make your nails stand out.

Designed for convenience, this gel nail polish from Chroma Gel is the perfect choice for busy individuals who want salon-quality results without the hassle. With its quick and easy application, you can achieve professional-looking nails in no time.

Unlike traditional gel polishes, there's no need for a base coat or top coat with the 1 Step Gel Polish Jelly Bean No.4. Simply apply like regular polish and watch it cure and last like gel. Say goodbye to sticky residue after curing – this polish is fast and easy to apply.

Experience the long-lasting beauty of this gel polish – it provides full coverage and can last up to 21 days. Whether you're going on vacation, attending an important event, or simply want your nails to look fabulous, this gel polish won't disappoint.

  • Easy application – no base or top coat needed
  • Durable – lasts up to 21 days

When it's time for a new look, removing the 1 Step Gel Polish Jelly Bean No.4 is a breeze. Simply soak it off with gel polish remover, and you're ready for a fresh color.

Please note that while we strive to ensure accurate colors, variations may occur due to print colors and computer screens.


  • Colour: Fluorescent Neon Green/Yellow
  • Curing time: LED and UV light
  • Removal: Soak off with gel polish remover

Elevate your nail game with the 1 Step Gel Polish Jelly Bean No.4. Order yours today and experience the convenience and beauty of this exceptional gel polish.