Chroma Dust No.4 Holographix Chrome Powder - Mirror Nails 1g - CG

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Chroma Dust Holographix gives your gel manicure eye-cathching holographic coverage. Turn your gel polish to striking holographic manicure.

Everyone will be obsessed with your nails! 

Seal your chrome nail art with Chroma Gel No wipe Top Coat for perfect finish and long lasting mirror nails.


* easy application

* full mirror nails effect

* metallic nails in a matter of minutes

* can be used with any gel polish system

* applicator included

* weight: 1g


1. Apply Chroma Gel 1 Step or any other gel polish system

2. Apply the chrome powder to the nail with applicator and rub until you achieve a mirror effect

3. Dust off any excess powder

4. Seal with Chroma Gel No wipe Top Coat

Sku: CG-CD-4

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