Pack of 12 Chroma Gel Nail File 80 | 80 Grit

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Get the perfect manicure with the Pack of 12 Chroma Gel Nail File 80 | 80 Grit. Designed for professional use, this high-grade nail file features 80/80 grit, making it ideal for shaping and smoothing even the toughest nails.

Made from the highest quality materials, this nail file is durable, washable, and flexible, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its 80 grit provides a coarse texture that efficiently files down nail edges and surfaces, allowing for precise manicures.

  • Professional-grade quality for salon-worthy results
  • 80/80 grit for effective shaping and smoothing

The Pack of 12 Chroma Gel Nail File 80 | 80 Grit is suitable for both natural and artificial nails, making it a versatile tool for nail technicians and beauty enthusiasts alike. With its pack of 12 files, you'll always have a fresh file on hand.

These nail files are designed to withstand frequent use without losing their effectiveness. Their washable design allows for easy maintenance, ensuring hygienic conditions with each use. The flexible construction of the files ensures a comfortable grip, providing precise control and reducing fatigue during nail filing.

Enhance your nail care routine with these high-quality Chroma Gel Nail Files. Whether you're shaping, filing, or smoothing, these files deliver professional-grade results that will leave your nails looking flawless.