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Mismatched nails are taking Instagram by storm

When we were growing up, we were all bombarded with quotes and clichés telling us that we should always be ourselves. As children, that notion tended to go over our heads, as fitting in with the other kids would appear to be the best way to be happy. But as we grow into adulthood, the concept begins to fall into place - embrace all that is unique about you, and take a perspective that exceeds social awareness. This principle is remarkably appropriate for beauty trends as well.

Rebels without a cause

In modern society, the haircut you get, the lipstick you wear and the way you rock your clothes all amounts to some kind of rebellion. Some beauty choices are more definitively rebellious than others, but the beauty industry is primed to help you stand out from the crowd and make a statement while doing so. One of the more subtle trends that celebrates uniqueness but still retains a chic look is mismatched nails.

There has never been a written rule that one should match their nail polish, but it has always been the industry standard. So why not do what so many on Instagram are doing and say to hell with the status quo? Mismatched nail polish is thriving, whether it be alternating colours from finger to finger or multicolour nail art - in any case, it's a progressive trend and a perfect choice for the autumn.

Some suggestions for your clients:

  • Combine mismatched nails with muted colours to rebel against the bolder, more electric shades.
  • Try a range of earth tones for warmth and richness that will match the coming season.
  • If minimalism is more their thing, keep the colour mismatched and combine it with the negative space trend.
  • Try a full 10-finger rainbow for a striking, daring look.
  • A range of colours in gel nails will go down nicely.
  • If they can't pick a favourite colour, just use them all - who cares if they don't go together!?
  • Take French tips in a different direction using a range of neon shades.
Instagram is always a great source of inspiration for beauty. This trend has been making waves across the platform, and it's no surprise. People want to go against the grain and change the way others look at traditions and at individuals, and the mismatched nail trend is a perfect way to do it.

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