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Nail health and gel polish

Nail health and gel polish 0

As a manicurist part of your role is to help inform your clients about the ways in which they can keep their nails strong and healthy. It's important that clients understand that strong and healthy nails grow well, and are better suited to regular manicures. As a manicurist, you can help provide the perfect surface for applying Chroma gel polish. Below we explore how you can help educate your clients about nail health and the many benefits of using our Fix n Protect Chroma gel.

Vertical ridges in nails

Clients need to know that vertical ridges are those deep lines that run from the tip of the nail all the way to the cuticle. They should understand that they are just usually a superficial problem, that can be easily remedied and which pose no real health concerns. They should be told that in most cases vertical ridges are simply genetic. However, they should also be made aware that in rare cases vertical ridges may be due to an iron deficiency. When working with clients' nails that have vertical ridges, it is important that you explain why you need to buff the nails with a Chroma gel nail buffer before you apply a Chroma gel base coat. They should understand that this produces a smooth nail surface on which to apply the gel polish.

Horizontal ridges in nails

If a client has horizontal ridges, then you can explain to them that this is usually due to injury such as trapping or banging their finger against a heavy object. This blunt trauma effects the way in which the nail grows. Reassure them that there isn't anything that can be done about horizontal ridges, other than allowing the nail to grow out, which may take up to three months.

How to improve nail health

There is a way in which you can help your clients improve their nail health. Chroma gel Fix n Protect is a nail repair treatment that can be used on weak and damaged nails. It helps to nourish, protect and strengthen nails. The good news is that it is very easy to remove, without distressing the nail. It can also be used alone, or in conjunction with Chroma gel polish, adding further strength and protection. It is very easy to apply. Simply buff the nail, cleanse and then apply a layer of Fix n Protect, cure, and then apply a second layer.

To learn more about Fix n Protect and our other Chroma gel polish products, then please do browse our website today!

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Master the holographic nail trend

Master the holographic nail trend 0

Holographic nails have taken the internet by storm and people are desperate to showcase their glittering fingers on Instagram. Anyone of any age can rock holographic nails, so they can be expected to be a popular nail request in salons over the coming months. Here's how your clients can nail the holographic trend. 

1. Holographic Powder

Using nail powder is perhaps the most popular way to achieve holographic nails. For clients who really want their holographic nails to pop, a good tip is to use a dark base coat before buffing the powder onto the nail as this will help to achieve a truly iridescent finish. The options of holographic colours to choose from are endless. Our holographic nail powder is a holographic powder that clients will love. It leaves nails with a mirror finish that catches the light beautifully. As any nail technician will know, one of the most important steps to achieving holographic nails is using a gel no wipe top coat. Without it, the powder won't adhere to the nails as well and your client's beautiful holographic manicure won't be as long-lasting. 

2. Glitter

Holographic glitter is extremely versatile and there are many different ways to apply it depending on how intense you want the look to be. For those who want an intense look, sponging the glitter flakes onto a base coat that hasn't fully dried is a good option. For a more subtle look, use a holographic glitter nail polish over the top of a nail colour. This is a look for clients who want their holographic nails to be subtle. 

3. Holographic 'diamond' nails.

A creative way to transform nails into a set of beautiful, shifting rainbows is to use holographic nail foils. This method makes nails look like diamonds as the design appears 3D and catches the light. Layering the foils and setting each layer with a gel polish is what really transforms the look of the nails into diamonds.

Whatever the look, set any nail design with our no wipe top coat to ensure your client's holographic nails will keep turning heads for days.
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Be festival ready with eye-catching Chroma gel nails

Be festival ready with eye-catching Chroma gel nails 0

It's summertime which can only mean that festival season is upon us. Your clients will have the perfect outfit and will have booked that hair appointment, but, what about their nails? Below we offer some fabulous gel nail manicure ideas for the festival season, for you to share with your clients.

Glitter nails are incredibly popular

Glitter can be seen everywhere this summer, including nails. It doesn't matter which colours you choose to stock, as long as they sparkle. Offer gold shades through to bold and vibrant reds that shimmer. Just be sure to add that glittery top coat for extra sparkle!

Introduce pom-poms

Festivals are so much fun and anything goes. Offer your clients something that it is a little different, and a bit quirky in the form of miniature pom-poms. This is such a fun look and perfect for dancing the day and night away. To achieve this fabulous look, simply paint the nails in different gel polish bright colours and cure. Add a top coat, cure, and then apply the small pom-pom with nail glue. It's as simple as that!

It's all about the rainbows

When we think of summer festivals, we instantly think of love, peace and rainbows. Applying a rainbow effect to the nails is so very easy yet looks totally amazing. The trick is to use nail tape so that you can paint each separate colour. Do as many colours as your client likes!

Dark and golden shimmer

Festival nails do not have to be bright, so offer your clients a dark alternative. Dark reds, blues, and blacks look stunning when a gold glitter top coat is sparsely applied. Simply apply the gel polish in the normal way and then add the glitter. Adding gold star art can also create a stunning night sky look.

Nude and glitter

Less can also mean more, and nude nails most definitely have a place in festival nail art! Paint nails with a super sheer gel polish. Once cured, you need to add a vertical glitter stripe. You could even use different glitter colours depending on your clients' individual needs.

Reverse French manicure

We all love the French manicure, and this festival themed reverse French manicure offers a fun and twisted look. Instead of painting the nail tips white, you paint the entire nail pink, and then paint the cuticle with a stunning silver glitter gel polish.

Take a look at our fabulous range of professional Chroma gel polish to help your clients have nails that are festival ready.

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How to take amazing nail art photos

How to take amazing nail art photos 0

As a nail artist, you spend every day creating amazing looks, and sharing them with the world has become an increasing factor in working in or running a professional salon. With Pinterest and Instagram a constant source of inspiration, what better way to reach new clients than to get your work out there and trending?! But first of all, you need incredible photos. We've taken a look at some of the most popular nail photos out there and we've got some handy tips for you to take amazing photos of your clients' nails.


Lighting is one of the most important things when you're taking photos. Natural light is always great for taking clear photos, but if you don't want to drag your clients outside, set up a surface near the window with lots of light pouring in. If you haven't got great lighting, choose a low light setting on your phone or camera. If you've got sparkles, like Chroma Dust that you want to pop in the photo, use your flash but make sure you're holding the camera steady and take a few.


Scrolling through Pinterest, you'll notice a lot of photos have a simple white background. This is super important as it means the background isn't distracting from the nail art and any colours look brighter. You can create a white background with a sheet, a light pad or any clean white surface.


If you've used something for inspiration, like nails to match a handbag, then include this in your photo. For really cool, creative photos, there are loads of props you can choose. From jewellery to fluffy jumper sleeves to holding an ice cream, using a variety of props can make your nail photos fun and really stand out.

Attention to Detail

Make sure you are using the macro setting on your phone or camera as you will be wanting to take a close photo with lots of detail. Make sure you are happy with every single nail and there are no smudges or mistakes that will ruin the photo.

Have Fun

Chat with your client, encourage them to choose a unique design you haven't featured yet and have fun taking photos with them. Make sure you tag Chroma Gel and we look forward to seeing your beautiful nail creations trending online.

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